The ultimate Black Friday online deal list

Want the best online deals for Black Friday so you don’t have to do more than lie back and shop? Here are the best Black Friday deals and discount spots for your online enjoyment.

Black Friday deals are about to hit South Africa and some of you are probably thinking about the queues, the shouting, the elbows, the fighting over a pair of R1 socks and going, "No. Never again." Well the Mind the Speed Black Friday online companion is about to put your entire discount bundle into your hands. No moving, no shouting* and definitely no queues. This ultimate Black Friday online deal list guides you through the top retailers across the South African internet who have paid attention to online and have created delightful discounts for you to enjoy.

And here they are:

Black Friday big guns:

  1. Takealot - famous for going down and refusing to load pages or process payments at the last, cost-saving minute, Takealot is still one of the best places to find Black Friday discounts. Their Black Friday festivities last all the way through to Takealot Tuesday so you can still nab discounts until the middle of next week. Download the app to get exclusive Black Friday specials. Note: They call Black Friday sales Blue Dot sales so don’t get confused!
  2. Faithful to Nature - this online wellness and health store has already started its special offers and these will run across a broad array of products and services until 29 November.
  3. Dialabed - sick of your mattress? Want something with more bounce? Dialabed has stripped 25% off everything for its Black Friday discount. You can get everything you need online plus expect free delivery. Note: It’s a good idea to go and try out the beds before you buy, then grab them in the sale.
  4. Makro - this is a tricky one because Makro hasn’t carried itself well with its online Black Friday deals in the past. More than one customer has complained that their online order took longer than two months to arrive. That said, some of the exclusive online deals are magnificent and probably worth waiting for. Visit their site now to see their Black Friday catalogue.
  5. Superbalist - this online store has leapt into Black Friday with unrestrained glee. You can already grab 50% off some items with more in the pipeline for 29 November.
  6. Zando - this is another store that has an app with special offers plus an online offering for Black Friday. Their Blackout Sale has up to 90% off on some items.
  7. Clicks - yes, Clicks actually have online shopping and yes, you can get some great deals from their selection. From massively reduced fitness gear to living essentials, you can save quite a bit from their Black Friday discounts.
  8. Dis-Chem - you can absolutely get some awesome discounts online with Dis-Chem and if you use their app, you can build a shopping list before you start.
  9. Dion Wired - a surprisingly weak online presence for a store that does digital devices, Dion Wired has released a catalogue of Black Friday specials so you can plan ahead. It’s only included in this list because it can sometimes surprise you with a great discount.
  10. Loot - get ready to loot the store! Loot had phenomenal discounts in 2017 and 2018 so they’re a solid place to start with your Black Friday shop. They also started on 25 November so you can already get your shop on.

*Unless your connection is terrible and you lose out on the deals because you were too slow. This can be easily fixed with a Mind the Speed fibre solution.

Black Friday Deal Surprises:

Of course, alongside the mega shops that everyone hurtles to over Black Friday, there are the stores that offer great service, superb deals and that sit in surprising places. This list includes ten of the best places to visit for more niche, diverse and interesting Black Friday deals.

  1. SweepSouth - fancy getting your home cleaned at a fabulous Black Friday price? This South African startup has you covered.
  2. Mr Price Home - oh yes, Mr Price does have some online shops and you can totally get great deals visiting their online store. You may not walk off with a trolley full of discounts, but you’ll get enough Black Friday delights to keep your home happy. Plus, you get extra discounts online.
  3. OneDayOnly - this is a great online shopping store with some great discounts on Black Friday. Their secret R0 Black Friday deals in 2018 were a massive hit so it will be interesting to see what they do in 2019.
  4. Raru – this is one of the best Black Friday deal sites in SA. They’ve got a great system of running their deals as countdowns which means lots of fresh deal content every few hours or so. Raru is more for the specialised, niche gamer, board game lover, hobbyist and music player so this is where you can get amazing Christmas gifts. This year they have a dedicated Black Friday board game sale and a dedicated Black Friday Funko sale.
  5. Incredible Connection – as usual, they’ve made it complicated, which is weird for a store selling technology, but you can get some discounts worth saving for.
  6. Mattress Warehouse – yeah, you get five days to buy the perfect sleep for the next 365 days. It’s a win.
  7. Mind the Speed - if you’re frustrated with the speed of your connection and sick of missing out on the Black Friday deals, then you’re in luck. Mind the Speed has slashed prices and is giving away free fibre connectivity for months. We will be running a pre-Black Friday special on Thursday, the 28th of November, keep an eye on Mybroadband, our website and our Facebook page.
  8. AC Direct - it’s hot, you’re bothered and that’s half the reason you can’t be bothered to go to a mall and endure the crowds. Fortunately, you can totally get your cool on with Black Friday discounts on air conditioning supplies.
  9. The Gadget Shop- a mishmash of cool tech and weird, pointless and yet strangely compelling devices, this store has some ace Christmas gifts on its online shelves. It also has some great Black Friday deals.
  10. Hirsch’s - you can get some great name brand discounts with this store. Plenty of great quality products with hints of big Black Friday deals in the pipeline.

Finally, if you want to snag Black Friday deals for all your living needs take a look at: Jockey , Playstation Store , iStore , Totalsports , Wellness Warehouse , Woolworths , Absa Bank , and Toy Kingdom. There are loads of other deals and sites available, so make sure you check your favourite store to see if they’ve got a deal waiting in the wings for you this Black Friday.

Don’t forget to shop savvy with a tight budget, make absolutely sure that you download any apps from the right Apple Store or Google Play to avoid downloading fake apps, ensure you only enter your details on secure websites, check that the website you’re using is correct (not dion-wired but dionwired, for example), and be aware of scams and fraudsters. Safe, happy Black Friday saving!