Refer someone to Mind the Speed and get 1-month’s fees credited to your account.



Here's how it works

  • Refer someone to Mind the Speed (MTS)
  • That someone needs to sign up for a MTS fibre to the home service using your customer ID
  • Once this person is connected to MTS you will receive 1 month of your service credited to your account. 
  • Limited to 3 referrals per MTS customer 
  • Promotion starts 1 August 2020 and ends at midnight on 31 August 2020

Have any questions?

How does the Refer a Friend Programme work?

If you refer someone to MTS and they join us you'll get 1 month of your service credited to your account once their service is active.


How do I join the Programme?

If you are an MTS client you are already part of the programme and you can begin referring people right away.

How do I practically start referring people to MTS?

Know your MTS customer ID. This is on your monthly invoice.

Tell someone about us and our services via email, your website, facebook, twitter or any other method.

There person you refer to Mind the Speed (MTS) needs to sign up for a MTS fibre to the home service using your customer ID.

Insert the Customer ID into the promotion code section
Insert your customer ID into the Promorion code section

Your account will get credited with an amount equal to 1-month of your fibre to the home service fee 


When do I get the credit on my account?

Immediately! Please note though that if the person you referred fails to pay us or cancels the service any time within the first 3 months then the credit will be reversed off your account and you will owe that amount again.

The referral is also subject to the person signing up to MTS. If their area is not feasible for fibre, then you do not qualify for the referral promotion.

Can I advertise this?

Absolutely! Yes you can. However, please note that you can only send this to people you know or to a legitimate email list of yours.

If you spam anyone we will immediately reverse any credits you have received and close your referral programme account with us. We have zero tolerance for Spam and if you abuse this service in any way, we will cancel your account and credits.

What happens if the person I refer to you does not pay you?

If at any time in the first 3 months after signing up the person you referred does not pay us or cancels that service with us, we will reverse the credit that was given to you on their signup.

Do I need to be a client of MTS to refer a friend?

Yes. You need to have at least one active service or product with us in order to be able to benefit from the 'Refer a Friend' programme.


How many people can I refer?

This promotion is limited to 3 referrals per MTS customer 


What happens they don’t use my customer ID when they sign up to MTS? Will I still get my credit?

Unfortunately not. Please make sure that you use the correct customer ID else we will not be able to track the referral and therefore cannot credit your account.

What happens if I tell someone about MTS, but only sign up outside of the promotional period?

For now, this promotion is only valid for August 2020. Any referrals made after this will not be credited to your account.

Which services that MTS offer qualify for the Refer a Friend programme?

At the moment any fibre to the home product qualifies

What are you waiting for? Share the love and refer a friend!  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

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Refer someone to Mind the Speed and get 1-month’s fees credited to your account.