What is a fibre network operator (FNO)?

Mind the Speed uses a variety of fibre network operators (FNOs) to deliver our services. These are companies that lay fibre in the ground and connect our data centre networks to you, our clients.

How do you know which fibre network operator (FNO) is best for me?

Not all areas have multiple fibre network operators (FNOs) so often you will have to use the FNO that has built a fibre network in your area. When you do have the option to choose from multiple providers, their cost usually helps you make the decision. We only partner with reliable FNOs so that we ensure the service you experience is the similar across the board.

What does unshaped mean?

Some internet service providers (ISPs) have implemented devices that manage your data consumption. This allows them to slow your service down and to control the throughput - this is known as ‘shaped internet’. Unshaped is the term used when your internet isn’t shaped so your experience is consistent, all the time. Mind the Speed does not shape any service on our network. With us, your internet is fast all the time.

Which internet package is best for me?

This depends on your internet usage needs and what you plan to do with all the speed we offer you. If you only want to use the internet for banking, email and general use, then you will benefit from a smaller count of 10Mbps, but if you want something more powerful for gaming or video streaming, then you’ll need to look at something higher. Contact us to find out which one we recommend for your needs.

Which package would be best for online streaming and/or gaming?

For streaming services like Netflix or Showmax, for example, you should consider a service that offers you 20Mbps or more. The size will be based on the quality you will be streaming, for example, if you have a 4K supported television, then you will need 25Mbps for that TV alone. If you have other devices on your home network, then you will need to consider 50Mbps or higher. Contact us [link] to find out which one we recommend for your needs.

What is a Fair Usage Policy (FUP)?

Mind the Speed doesn’t have a fair usage policy (FUP). Some providers implement these as part of their terms and conditions. This refers to them slowing down your service until the end of the month once you’ve reached a certain amount of data usage. The amount of data used before you are slowed down will depend on the FUP you signed.

How fast is fibre compared to ADSL?

This depends on the fibre service you’re comparing. Below, we have put a comparison of the most common ADSL service at 10Mbps and the FTTH (Fibre to the Home) service of 100MBps.

The fastest ADSL service on the market is 40Mbps and this is commonly referred to as VDSL. This isn’t available to many customers as it requires close proximity between the Telkom exchange and the customer. If you could get VDSL, then fibre would still be 10 times faster. It is also more reliable than ADSL as the latter uses old copper infrastructure that can be patchy and unreliable.

What is a firewall?

A firewall is a virtual wall that protects your home network from cyberthreats and prevents other people from accessing or entering your network. Mind the Speed provides you with a reliable and robust firewall that supports Wi-Fi so you can connect wirelessly on different devices – smartphones, DSTV, laptops, tablets and more – while remaining secure. You can install the firewall solution of your choice. However, if you opt into the Mind the Speed firewall it will be managed by our engineers and kept up to date against the latest known threats.

What is an Optical Network Terminal (ONT)?

An Optical Network Terminal (ONT) is supplied by the FNOto terminate the optical fibre cable. This needs to be connected to the firewall of your choice.

Does having fibre give me signal throughout my home?

You will need a router and a firewall that support wireless in order to transmit signal throughout the home. You may need to boost the signal if you have a large house and you can do this by installing Wi-Fi extenders or a mesh network. Contact us to find out which products best suit your Wi-Fi needs.

What do I need to get fibre into my home?

Every fibre network operator has different requirements and we will manage these for you, providing you with the precise requirements for your home installation. All we need is your address and what you need so contact us so we can get you started.

I live in a complex / estate, can I get fibre?

This can be a bit more challenging. Many complexes or estates already have fibre passing through them but it can be complex installing the fibre to each unit in the complex. Mind the Speed will consider installing fibre within your complex or estate but we will need to work with your Homeowners Association (HOA) to get permission. Then we would need to engage with each homeowner or tenant to find out who would be interested in this process. If there is enough interest and we have your HOA’s permission, we will install fibre to all units.

Can I use any router for fibre?

You can use any router with an Ethernet (RJ45) WAN port, if you are unsure, contact our support team for assistance.

When can I get fibre and how long does it take once I’ve placed my order?

Once we confirm that it is feasible to install fibre at your address and you place the order, then it will take between one to two weeks to install. This does vary dependent on the FNO.

What does the Mind the Speed Client Portal do?

Our Client Portal offers you instant visibility into your bandwidth usage, your statements and your invoices. You can use the portal to log support requests, cancel your service, upgrade your service and downgrade your service on demand. Once you have been set up on the system, you will receive an email with your Mind the Speed Client Portal login credentials.

Can I upgrade or downgrade on demand?

Yes, with Mind the Speed you can upgrade or downgrade your service for the next calendar month. You can’t change it within your existing calendar month.

I want to move to Mind the Speed but I have questions…

Have you compared your existing package to Mind the Speed and realised that we only offer one type of service? Are you concerned that your move will take you from a ‘home’ package on another service provider to a more complicated one with Mind the Speed? The answer is simple – we only offer one type of service because we believe in affordability and speed.

We offer what people often refer to as Premium or Platinum services. We avoid creating complexity as we think that it is hard enough trying to navigate bandwidth and internet and fibre without adding complicated packages to the mix. We provide high-end, fast service at a competitive price. Contact us to find out what we can offer you in your budget.

What is the process should I wish to move my service from another service provider?

Most service providers require that you give a month notice. In most cases this is a full calendar month, and not necessarily 30 days from placing the migration request.Be sure to check if there are any cancelation costs. As some service providers cover the initial cost of the installation and the provision of a router there may be a bill if cancelled within a certain period.Once confirmed with the service provider please place the order for the replacement service on our MTS website.

When giving notice to your current service provider you will need to obtain a date that they will release the service in order for MTS to pick it up and complete the migration. Similar to porting your cell phone number from one operator to another. We suggest avoiding migrating on a Friday as if there are any issues the relevant fibre network operator may not be able to assist until Monday. It may also be a good idea to migrate a couple of days before the month end to avoid the congestion over that period. This may mean paying the current service provider for a couple of extra days until the end of the month which is in line with the normal calendar month cancellation notice period.

Generally speaking the existing service provider will require that you return the router that was provided free on commencement of the contract. Should you require a free replacement router this will be delivered to you by MTS prior to the migration and will be preconfigured by MTS so as to minimise any downtime on migration.