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Cost Matters.

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High speed, low cost internet. This isn’t a dream. It’s Mind the Speed.

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Why Choose Us?

No Fair Usage Policy

We offer true uncapped internet with NO Fair Usage Policy.

Premium Bandwidth

We only provide premium internet bandwidth.

Our Own Network

We have data centres in South Africa and the United Kingdom with multiple international links. This means we have complete quality control, and so do you.

Dynamic DNS

We offer Dynamic DNS on authentication for more affordable, anytime anywhere network access.

Static IP

At no extra cost we will give you static IPs on request.

Voice Line

Want a free voice account? You can get one with us. No problem.

Cloud Backup

We provide you with a free backup account that can store up to 10GB of data.

Free Installation

Want free installation? We’ve got you covered. Just remember, if you cancel the service within 12 months, the costs will be applied.

Choose Your Router

You choose the router you want; we cover the delivery costs. High speed service, low costs, no problem.